Our dive sites :


- Isla Linton: 20m 

   Nice rocky relief where we stroll between the huge rock structures.


- Isla Cabra : 26m

   Small drop-off overhead of a coral garden.


- Isla Grande : 24m

  Small drop-off with faults. Ability to finish the dive on a beach if consumption allows.


- Las Farrallones Lighthouse : 20m

  A must in good conditions. We do not know where to give head at times so the meetings are rich and               surprising. Possibility of medium to high current from May to December.


- Las Farrallones Last Rock : 18m

   Following the previous one, this time with less fish but a beautiful garden of gorgonians.


- Playa Blanca : 25m

   Beautiful diving combining drop-off, sandy bottom, relief and coral garden.


- Punta Playa Blanca : 20m

   Still beautiful relief and a coral garden so well preserved. Possibility of strong current from May to     December.


- Isla Padre : 28m

   What to say about this magnificent wall covered with giant sea fans and overhung with a magnificent coral     garden.


- Dos Hermanas Reef : 35m

  Beautiful coral garden starting at 6m and ending on a beautiful 35m deep drop-off for those who do not       consume all the air from their tank before arriving there.


- Dos Hermanas Pass : 14m

   Shallow dive but which reserves beautiful surprises.


- Isla Mamey (night dive) : 15m

   Night dive just 5 minutes from boat.


- Isla Linton (night dive) : 10m

   Night dive just 5 minutes from boat.